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February 2016 English Department Accomplishments
Undergraduate Student Accomplishments

AMANDA INGRAM, creative writing major, was offered fully-funded admission to Ohio State University’s Master of Fine Arts Creative Nonfiction program.

Graduate Student Accomplishments

ELLA BROWNING accepted a position as Associate Director of Writing in the Disciplines for the Critical Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

CARMELLA GUIOL interviewed writer M.J. Fievre in “‘A Sky the Color of Chaos’ Tells the Story of a Haitian Childhood.” BUST.

“Hair.” The Normal School Magazine.

Faculty Achievements

CARL HERNDL “Is the Good the Enemy of the Best?” National Symposium: “Capitalism, Climate, and Public Discourse: The Limits and Possibilities of Rhetorical Intervention.” Reno, NV. Feb. 2016. Invited panelist.

“Making the Invisible Visible: Don’t Be the Ugly American.” Sustainable Tourism Conference of North America. Tampa, FL. Jan. 27, 2016. Invited speaker.


“Nietzsche’s Fingerprints on The Hands of Orlac.” In Expressionism in the Cinema. Eds. Olaf Brill and Gary D. Rhodes. U of Edinburgh P, 2016. 170-177. Print.


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