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USF English Department hosts 17th annual Honors & Awards Ceremony

From left to right: Sandy Bolis, Sarah Harder, Crystal Bonano, Professor Ira Sukrungruang, Ash Alonzo, Richard Felipe

TAMPA, Fla. – The USF English Department’s 17th annual Honors & Awards Ceremony was held in Traditions Hall at the Gibbons Alumni Center on Friday, April 7, 2017. Former department chair, Sarah Deats, launched the ceremony in 2000, and Professor Sheila Diecidue has coordinated each year since its inauguration.

English Department chair, Laura Runge, hosted the event for the first time. Runge noted one of her new duties as department chair that particularly brings her joy is reading student evaluations of English instructors.

“It’s such a delight to see how well our faculty are appreciated,” Runge said. Many of the student evaluators expressed desire to emulate their instructors in the classroom and offered phrases of praise such as, “the Aphrodite of grammar” and “a true gem.”

Runge recognized outstanding faculty achievements from the past year, including two Florida Book Awards, a National Book Award nomination, two Fulbright Awards and a number of grants and sabbaticals.

Graduate director John Lennon noted the time and effort faculty pour into their work with students. Lennon also spoke on the accomplishments of our graduate students.

“Our MA students have gotten offers for Ph.D. and second master’s programs at University of Mississippi, Southern Illinois, University of Madison-Wisconsin, University of Washington, University of Maryland and University of Central Florida,” Lennon said. “And, something I am excited about, we have students with non-academic jobs, including a development officer at Vanderbilt, a Fulbright in Columbia and a grant writer at Moffitt. But more than that, our graduate students are really good people who are doing amazing things.”

Runge concluded the ceremony by reading a passage from the poem “Center” by Josephine Miles.

“Praise then

The arts of law and science as of life

The arts of sound and substance as of faith

Which claim us here

To take, as a building, as a fiction, takes us

Into another frame of space

Where we can ponder, celebrate, and reshape

Not only what we are, where we are from,

But what in the risk and moment of our day

We may become.”

Awards and recognitions presented at the ceremony are as follows.



· James Parrish Award for Outstanding English Honors Student:
Annemarie Whitehurst

English Honors

Chloe Churchill

Danae Digiacomo

Savannah Grooms

Nicole Klukowski

Jerico Lenk

Patrick Lisko

Addison Lopiccolo

Andrew Miller

Lea Minniear

Rachel Payne
Rosie Raggio

Kristen Reidy

Samantha Risak

Victoria Royal

Jennifer Rughoonundan

Zachary Sogluizzo

Cassidy Stern

Abigail Whelan

Annemarie Whitehurst

Research Colloquium Excellence in Research Recognition

Natalie Bohin

Kylene Harrington

Lea Minniear

Michele True

Annemarie Whitehurst

Sandy Bolis, Co-Managing Editor
Crystal Bonano, Co-Managing Editor
Ash Alonzo

Sandy Bolis

Crystal Bonano

Lauren Broadwell

Michelle Calicchio

Richard Felipe

Sarah Harder

Lisa Sammoh


Teaching Awards

· Estelle J. Zbar Award for Teaching and Academic Excellence in English: Alysia Sawchyn

· Joseph Bentley Teaching Fellowship: Colleen Kolba

Scholarly Awards

· Alice Hearne Award for Outstanding Doctoral Candidate:
Tiffany Wilgar

· Irving & Mollie Rubin Award for Outstanding Graduate Student:
Allyson Hoffman

· Jack B. Moore Memorial Scholarship:
Tangela Serls

· Irving Deer Memorial Scholarship:
Kimber Wiggs

· Julian and Harry Newman Graduate Writing Award:
Annalise Mabe

· Dorothy Newman Linton Graduate Writing Award:
Elan Justice Pavlinich

· John and Dorothy Iorio Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Literature:
Sucheta Kanjilal

· Alma Bryant Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Rhetoric and Composition:
Johanna Hillen

· The Carolyn L. Cooley Graduate Award in American Literature:
Heather Fox


· Estelle J. Zbar Poetry Award:
McKenzie Zalopany

· Bettye Newman Poetry Award:
Jerico Lenk

· Anspaugh Fiction Award:
Matthew Sievers

· Anspaugh Science Fiction Award:
Annalise Mabe

· Thomas E. Sanders Scholarship in Creative Writing:
Sarah Harder

· Ann & Edgar Hirshberg Award for Graduate Achievement in Creative Writing:
Chelsea Dingman

· Knocky Parker Award for Creative Non-Fiction:
Elan Justice Pavlinich


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