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Graduate course reunites to read poetry

Graduate course reunites to read poetry

TAMPA, Fla. – Students of Dr. Heather Sellers’ fall 2018 Craft of Poetry graduate course gathered at Kaleisia Tea Lounge for a reading on March 3, sharing their words with USF students, Eckerd College visitors and other guests.

The group of readers consisted of ten USF MFA Creative Writing students: Casey Clague, Lauren Cross, Jessica Inman, James Josue, Stephanie Kastan, Drew Miles, Alison Missler, Haley Morton, Cheryl Nance, and Macey Sidlasky. Despite the readers’ different writing backgrounds, genre preferences, and the fact that the course was a craft course, not a workshop, Sellers was enthusiastic about everyone’s work and reading performances.

“I was just impressed with the quality of the work; these were wonderful poems by terrific poets. I watched the audience, many of whom who’d just come in to study or have a cup of tea with a friend. They were riveted. A number of audience members came up to me afterwards to compliment the students—and ask where they could take a poetry class,” Sellers said.

This is the second Poetry Reading Kaleisia Tea has hosted for the USF English Department, and with record attendance, a quaint setting, some great tea and beautiful words, it won’t be the last. Keep an eye out for future MFA program events at Kaleisia.

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Author: Macey Sidlasky