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Multi-million dollar grant propels virtualization research at USF
USF Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies expands its mission to create new center.

AIST to be featured in MOSI’s 3D printing exhibit
The Alliance for Integrative Spatial Technologies (AIST), part of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of South Florida, will be a guest curator of MOSI’s exciting new exhibit, “3D Printing the Future - The Exhibition.” The exhibit, which opens June 14, will illustrate 3D printing’s boundless and mind-blowing potential to reshape how we live, work and play.

3D printing brings ancient history right to the classroom
The future of studying ancient history is now only a 3D print away.

New technology innovates the field and the classroom
Lori Collins and Travis Doering, research assistant professors at the University of South Florida and co-directors for the Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technology, stand at the front of a banquet room in one of the high-rises in downtown Tampa. On the projector, a digital 3-D image of a huge stone sculpture, dating back to the late Preclassic era, spins 360 degrees, vertical and horizontal, in front of the audience.

Uncovering new perspectives on ancient naval warfare
Shipping and Greek culture connect University of South Florida Professor William Murray and Aristotle Onassis, a legendary titan in the shipping industry -- a connection born of Murray’s lifelong love of sailing and the Onassis legacy.

AIST digs deep into 3D
Last week, the Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies at the University of South Florida really got to strut their stuff: Students, faculty and area looky-loos were invited to an open house at the new Advanced Visualization Center, a USF 3D mecca, with a high-definition 3D projection wall, haptic devices for controlling 3D models, and 10 workstations loaded with Geomagic and other 3D software. Soon there will be Kinect integration for creating gesture-based controls and even some 3D printers.

USF to host CESU meeting
The University of South Florida will be hosting the 2011 Southeast Regional Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU) Meeting. The conference will take place on the St. Petersburg Campus and at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute from Oct. 25-27.

USF partners with FARO Technologies
A world-renown team of University of South Florida researchers who have used high-tech scanning devices to unlock the secrets of archaeological sites around the world are set to become the new North American training directors for an advanced generation of laser scanners.