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CAS research shares research opportunities for the humanities [02.18.2015]
The CAS Office of Research and Scholarship was established in 2001 to provide this high level of expertise paired with a professional diplomacy in our modest team of an Associate Dean for Research and supporting research team, as a go-to resource for researchers and scholars in every area of the research enterprise at the USF College of Arts and Sciences.

CAS researchers discover potential antibiotic cure for MRSA [01.29.2015]
A breakthrough discovery in antibiotic compounds used to treat resistant strains of bacteria has earned University of South Florida Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Biology Lindsey (Les) Shaw Ph.D. and microbiology graduate student Whittney Burda a U.S. Patent for their novel research.

CAS professor, students publish research in Nature journal [07.10.2014]
Emerging fungal pathogens pose a greater threat to biodiversity than any other parasitic group, causing population declines of amphibians, bats, corals, bees and snakes. New research from the University of South Florida published in the prestigious journal Nature reveals that amphibians can acquire behavioral or immunological resistance to a deadly chytrid fungus implicated in global amphibian population declines.

USF geologist says beach cleanup not clean sweep [06.03.2010]
As one of the world’s most beautiful beaches in Pensacola was marred by a 8-mile long swath of thick oil that washed ashore this week, a new study from a USF geologist paints a grim outlook for the sugar-like sands soon returning to their pristine state.

CAS professor named fellow of the prestigious Linnean Society [07.01.2014]
James Garey, Ph.D., chair and professor for the Department of Cell Biology, was selected to become a fellow of the Linnean Society in London, U.K.

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