Statistics in Volcanology


Authors and Affiliation, affiliations.pdf


Preface, preface.pdf


Chapter 1: Volcanic process modelling and statistical data.

Heidy M Mader, chapter1.pdf


Chapter 2: Structured elicitation of expert judgment for probabilistic hazard and risk assessment in volcanic eruptions. W. P. Aspinall, chapter2.pdf


Chapter 3: A quantitative model for volcanic hazard assessment.

Warner Marzocchi, Laura Sandri, Claudia Furlan, chapter3.pdf


Chapter 4: What is the probability of explosive eruption at a long-dormant volcano?

Charles B. Connor, Alexander R. McBirney, Claudia Furlan, chapter4.pdf


Chapter 5: Extreme value methods for modelling historical series of large volcanic magnitudes.

S.G. Coles, R.S.J. Sparks, chapter5.pdf


Chapter 6: Applying statistical analysis to understanding the dynamics of volcanic explosions.

Nick Varley, Jeffrey Johnson, Mario Ruiz, Gabriel Reyes, Kristin Martin., chapter6.pdf


Chapter 7: Forecasting future spatial distribution of volcanoes: An example from Armenia.

Jennifer N. Weller, Andrew J. Martin, Charles B. Connor, L. J. Connor,

Arkadi Karakhanian, chapter7.pdf


Chapter 8: Estimation of volcanic hazards using geostatistical models.

O. Jaquet and R. Carniel, chapter8.pdf


Chapter 9: The contingency table: A powerful tool of multivariate statistics.

Margaret Hellweg and Dieter Seidl, chapter9.pdf


Chapter 10: The Gutenberg-Richter law: Assumptions, limitations and interpretations.

Pablo Palacios, Indira Molina, M´onica Segovia, chapter10.pdf


Chapter 11: Stationary and non-stationary time series.

G. P. Nason, chapter11.pdf


Chapter 12: New approaches to volcanic time series analysis.

Peter C. Young, chapter12.pdf


Chapter 13: Signal classification by wavelet-based Hidden Markov Models: application to seismic signals of volcanic origin.

Paolo Alasonati, Joachim Wassermann, Matthias Ohrnberger., chapter13.pdf


Chapter 14: Magma memory recorded by statistics of volcanic explosions at the Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat.

O. Jaquet, R. S. J. Sparks, R. Carniel, chapter14.pdf


Chapter 15: Solution and parametric study of a combined conduit and eruption column model.

Mikel Diez, chapter15.pdf


Chapter 16: Transient models of conduit flows during volcanic eruptions.

Oleg Melnik, Stephen Sparks, chapter16.pdf


Chapter 17: Multi-parameter monitoring and modelling of volcanic processes.

 Jürgen Neuberg, chapter17.pdf


Chapter 18: Inversion is the key to dispersion: Understanding eruption dynamics by inverting tephra fallout.  

L. J. Connor, C. B. Connor, chapter18.pdf


Chapter 19: Probabilistic modelling of tephra dispersion.

Costanza Bonadonnaa, chapter19.pdf


Glossary, full_glossary.pdf