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Education: B.A., 1982 University of Massachusetts/Boston
Greek and Latin; Classical Studies
M.A., 1983 The Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D., 1992 The Johns Hopkins University
Area of Specialiation: Philosophical Death
Recent Publications: Heraclitus the Riddler SCO 63 (1993) 49-62
The Deaths of Empedocles AJP 107:2 (1986) 175-191
Current Work: Marriage is Murder: Sacrifice and Murder,
Real and Metaphorical, in Aeschylus' Oresteia
Comparative Drama Conference XIX 1999
Awards: Distinguished Adjunct Teaching Award University of Florida 1999

University of Florida Summer 2000 Class:
NEH Horace Class
(you can drop course/class after if necessary:)

University of South Florida Fall 1999 Classes:
Greek Civilization T & R 11am - 12:15 CLA 3101
Some see the Glory that was Greece! In this class, we take a broad cultural view at the diverse and fascinating cultural, literary, and historical civilzation of the ancient Greeks. Satisfies Major Works and Major Issues
Classical Mythology T & R 2pm - 3:15 CLT 3370
Voyage into the strange and wonderful myth and mind of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and see how the myths they shaped are still in use today. Why was Freud so fascinated with Oedipus anyway? Satisfies General Education requirement: Historical Perspectives.
Medical Terminology T & R 12:30pm -1:45 CLT 3040
You have to learn this stuff anyway. Why not do it in a the newly formatted, interactive course offered by Classics? Class time will be kept to a minimum: the bulk of course work is computer-based self-paced tutorials on your own schedule, on campus or at home. (Computer experitse in NOT required!) If you don't know what hysterosalingography is, you need to take this course.

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