ALH 84001 and Its Fossils(?) A Gallery of Images

The images below of ALH84001 progress from the macro (the rock as seen at its Johnson Space Center curatorial site) to the very micro (nanometer scale "fossils" reported by McKay et al (1996) In order, the pictures are:

Row 1: A series of pictures of the ALH84001 rock sample

Rows 2, 3, and 4: Photomicrographs of the carbonate bearing crush zone in ALH84001, as photographed for study at USF. Magnification: Row 2: 32x, Row 3: 80x, row 4: 320x.

Row 5: Detailed, false color SEM image of ALH 84001 carbonate globules, from McKay et al (1996)

Row 6: TEM image of purported "fossils" in ALH 84001 carbonates.

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