What to do with Other Out-Of-Class Activities?

Aside from KSC and MOSE, a variety of other out-of-class activities are permissible for credit. Activities students have done in the past include:

--- Visits to planetariums

--- Organized astronomical observation activities (these are run occasionally on the St. Pete campus)

--- Visits to observatories or space science facilities out-of-state (a few examples, some done by past students: the Mauna Kea Observatories, the American Museum of Natural History (NY), Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, etc).

In order to get credit for other kinds of out-of-class activities, you should do the following:.

1) Clear the activity with me ahead of time.

2) Once you've done it, write me NO MORE THAN 1/2 page on what you did, when you did it, its relevance to the course, and your opinion of it (would you recommend it to a future student?).

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