GLY 2030: Environmental Geology

Instructors: Jeff Ryan and Joe Gould

Office: SCA 507 (Ryan) SCA 51? (Gould)*

Ryan's Labs: SCA 508, SCA 117, CHE 323, CHE 325

Phone: 974-1598


Office Hours*: Ryan: W 11-3, or by appointment

Gould: TBA


*[note from Ryan: I am involved in student research all summer, so I'm not going to be in my office very much. Please check the laboratories for me, and don't be timid - I WILL stop what I'm doing to help you! Otherwise, email is the best way to get me, as I check it several times a day , and answer messages religiously. Grab me during a break and I'll explain how to set up an email account.]


Class meetings: Tuesday -Thursday 8:00-11:30 [I won't talk for four hours, I promise! Each session will be broken up into alternating lecture/exersise sessions, both to enhance the educational experience for you, and to save my voice and your sanity.]


Required Text: Montgomery, Environmental Geology

Recommended Supplemental Text: Foley, McKenzie and Utgard, Investigations in Environmental Geology



Two ~50 min. exams, non-cumulative, at the ~midterm and the last class meeting. [If you must miss the scheduled exam periods, bring me your reasons IN ADVANCE, and if your reasons are good ones, I will try to accomodate your needs. Medical emergencies will require corroboration from your doctor. DO NOT come after the fact with excuses - I'll not be able to accomodate you then.]: Each exam will be 25% of your grade. Total: 50%

Link to Lecture outlines/study guide for Part 1 of GLY 2030, Summer 1999


Field Exercises: 25%. Geology is a field science, and as such, there will be required field trips. However, I am aware that many of you are either taking other classes in the afternoon, or that you work in your off-hours, and might have difficulty breaking away on a specific date. So, what I will do is offer you options: Everyone will do two do-it-yourself field exercises, one shorter and one longer, from the following list. The goal is for you to get out and SEE the world around you, in light of what you've learned in class. Guides for these field trips may be found on thWeb. (address:

Shorter Trip: Lettuce Lake Park

Longer Trip:

Caladesi/Honeymoon Island State

Hillsborough River State Park

Devil's Millhopper State Geologic Site

OR: A Trip to the Florida Keys! This will substitute for BOTH of the do-it-yourself trips, if you decide to participate! Dr. Gould will provide details.


In-Class Exercises, and Quizzes: On days when we are not doing field trips, you will have some sort of in-class exercise to complete, or a quiz on lecture materials. The quizzes WILL be graded and scored, while the exercises will be graded, but not socred: we will go over them in class, so that you know what the correct answers are, and then you'll hand them in so I can note that you did them. You MAY NOT hand in the exercises late for credit unless you clear it with me in advance!. (it is thusly that we will encourage your attendance on class days!) : 25%


Class Schedule: (Instructors: 6/29 thru 7/15 - Ryan; 7/20 thru 8/5 - Gould)

6/29: Introduction. Earth History and Priniciples of Environmental Geology. The Nuts and Bolts of Geology: what you need to know to be conversant in the Earth Sciences.

7/1: Exercises related to the Principles of Geology: Rocks and Minerals, and Interpreting Topographic Maps.

7/6: Exercises to completion, and then: - Natural Hazards and Human responses to them!

7/8: Natural Hazards: Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Exercise on Earthquakes!

7/13: Volcanoes redux, and more mountain hazards: landslides and subsidence hazards. Exercise on Landslides!

7/15: Uniquely Florida Subsidence hazards, review, and First Exam! (First Fieldtrip writeup due!!)

Test #1 will cover all material up through 7/15, AM, but not the fieldtrip!

(7/20 through 8/5: Activities/quizzes - TBA)

7/20: More Uniquely Florida Hazards - Coastlines and their perils!!.

7/22: And more on Water in Florida - water resources and groundwater (and why is it there's always a "shortage?")

7/27: Soils, and Mineral Resources

7/29: Energy Resources: Fossil Fuels, alternative energy, and their environmental impacts.

8/3: Waste Disposal and Pollution (Second Fieldtrip writeup due!!)

8/5: Odds and Ends, Class Review, and Second Exam.

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