Li, Be, B, and Li Isotope/B Isotope data for Mt. Erebus, and other Intraplate Volcanic Rocks

These are current results from ongoing NSF-supported research projects aimed at documenting the light element abundance and isotopic signatures of intraplate volcanic rocks.  This work is the product of two REU-supported student projects at USF, and ongoing MS thesis research, as well as collaborative efforts with researchers at the University of Pisa, and the University of Maryland.

NSF Grants supporting this research:
OPP9977306: "The Search for Subducted Components in the Mantle: a Boron and Lithium isotope, and Fluid-Mobile Element study of Mount Erebus"

EAR0229663: "The role of the Slab and the Mantle in Volcanic Arc Petrogenesis: A B-Be-Li and Li Isotope Study of Off-Axis Arc Centers in Mexico and Central America"

Link to current results for the USF Intraplate Project (note that this file is updated periodically)

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