Petrology, Geochemistry, and Planetary
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Subduction Zone Research

Funded Grants:

Current Projects:

  • Li, Be and B abundance Systematics of Off-Axis and Monogenetic Volcanic Edifices in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt (REU Summer Project)

  • Chemical Fluxes in the Forearc as Determined from Diapiric Serpentinites, Mariana Subduction system: ODP Legs 125 and 195 (Ivan Savov)

  • Petrogenetic Insights into Lavas of the New Georgia Arc and Woodlark Basin from B-Li-Be abundance and Li isotope Systematics (Megan Hendren)
Global Geochemical Cycles Research

Current Projects:
  • Assessing the role of subducted materials in the Mantle source regions of Mt. Erebus and other HIMU-reservoir intraplate volcanic centers (Jeff Ryan)

  • The B-Li-Be and Li isotope systematics of intraplate lavas from Moorea and other EM-type reservoir intraplate centers (Judy Harden)
  • Boron Isotope Systematics of Intraplate Volcanic Rocks (Jeff Ryan, Ivan Savov, Sonia Tornarini)
Appalachian Ultramafic/Mafic Rocks Research

Past Funded Grants

REU Program Post-Summer Projects :
  • Rare-earth element systematics of Carroll Knob and Willets, NC amphibolites, and Webster-Addie pyroxenites. (R. Sorauf, J. Meyer)

  • Petrology and evoluton of orthopyroxenite layers/lenses, Chestnut Gap Quarry, Addie, NC (R. McIlmoil )

  • Petrogenesis and metamorphism of amphibolites from the Webster-Addie/Willits area, NC (A. Scherer)
P lanetary Science Research
  • Assessment of Biogenic origins for Mg-Carbonates in ALH 84001 (Andy VanCleave)

  • B-Li-Be systematics of Shergottites and Nahklites: the role of H2O in Martian basalt petrogenesis (collaborative w/ R. Lentz and H. McSween, Univ. Tennessee

  • B,Be, and Li abundance and isotopic studies of Hawaii Drilling Project Lavas: A possible Analog to Tharsis-Type Volcanism on Mars (Valerie Slater and H. McSween, Univ. Tennessee)