Peter Stiling, PhD

Pure & Applied Ecology


Peter Stiling received his PhD from University College, Cardiff, Wales, became a postdoc at Florida State University and later spent two years as a lecturer at the University of the West Indies–Trinidad. Dr. Stiling is currently a Professor of Biology at the University of South Florida and a special faculty assistant in the Office of the Provost with responsibilities in STEM and USF in London.He has published over 100 scientific papers and is the author of Ecology: Global Insights and Investigations, second edition (2015). Dr. Stiling's research interests include coastal biology, parasite-host relationships, biological control, restoration ecology, and global change biology.


His research group at the University of South Florida is involved in ecological investigations which focus on pure and applied ecology projects. Currently, as of 2015, he is working with Dr. Bill Baker, and his students in the Center for Drug Discovery and Innovation, on a mangrove project.He is examining the link between levels of mangrove epiphytes and their chemical products to levels of mangrove herbivory in both red, black and white mangroves.




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